Alysha Gilmore

  • Data Management Assistant

Alysha Gilmore, is a Penn State alumnus with a B.S in Biology.  As an undergraduate, her coursework focused on neuroscience, and she began her journey into academic research at the Cognition Affect & Temperament Lab in State College, PA. Ally’s part-time job as a Therapeutic Support for adults with developmental disabilities is initially where she recognized the powerful role of physical activity in preserving cognitive function across the lifespan. This, in combination with her interest in neuroimaging methods, lead her to the BACH Lab in 2019.  Aside from data coordination, Ally is currently a part-time student, working to obtain a Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology. Outside of work and school, she likes to “play with data” and dance around in her room. She is also a fool for live music of any sort.